Friday, August 27, 2010

Trend Alert: The WiId Things Are Out

 I'm normally not a big fan of animal print, but there's something about leopard print this season that I just die over. From the bags, to the shoes, to the jewelry, this type of animal print is one of the many trends you must follow this fall/winter. Leopard print is always being  appropriated and renovated by designers, but this time it's back and classier, and more fierce than ever before! Designers such as Dolce and Gabbana mixed leopard print with other patterns, such as lace and polka dots, which I just loved.  Since leopard print is so very fierce on it's own, you want to pair it with neutrals, or solid pieces to downplay the look. Remember you don't want to overkill your outfit by wearing a leopard blouse with leopard shoes and a leopard skirt! Instead pair the blouse with a pair of loose fit boyfriend jeans cuffed up, some gold layered bracelets, and a nice neutral platform heel, and why not throw a blazer over while your at it. Be sure to toss this fall/winter trend into your big brown bag. The boys will line up like wolves, or leopards, or whatever. (Blazer, Brown Tote, Side Bag with heart: ( top, dress, and wedge platform: ( power skirt: ( pink tote, model: dolce and gabbana)

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Killer Heels,Killer Comfort

 Ladies! Now a days every girl has a closet full of heels, and not just the little 2inch but I mean heels! 3.5 inches and up! It isn't any wonder that we're all constantly needing foot rubs from our boyfriends. Aside from looking fabulous ladies, high towering heels are not good for your health. Causing issues such as ,(but not limited to) back problems, and varicose veins  Luckily there are foot petals. Foot petals are a variety of foot insoles that are designed to give all day comfort while preventing calluses and  pain! The creator Tina became a certified Pedorthist, making her an expert in anything and everything about footwear and foot health! So ladies please go out any toss these into your big brown bag! Please! Your feet will shout THANK YOU!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Wrist Says It All

Every girl needs a bracelet that has a little sass and a lot of class, and this BCBG generation  is it. The generation line is coming out with a whole bunch of sassy and funky bracelets with punch words like boss, duh, rad, dude, tough, not, sweet . What's fun about these is that you can layer them to make little sayings, one that Im for sure gonna combine will be tough rad boss. So go ahead and let your wrists speak, whether they're saying I'm boss, or I'm rad duh, make it happen. Head on over to your local BCBG store or go to to toss them into your big brown bag!  

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