Friday, July 16, 2010

Featured Fridays: Steven D. Hill, Everything Extraordinaire!

The Fashion Industry is made up of many different layers,and you need each layer to have a solid fabulous foundation. Steven D.Hill is one of those special layers in the world of fashion. He's truly the creme of the crop in what he does, make-up, styling  and photography. He illustrates true passion and God given talent through his brilliantly beautiful work. I was lucky enough to steal an interview from Mr. Hill, he shares amazing make-up tricks and his love for what he does.  Be sure to contact him for your make-up/styling/photography needs!

Featured Artist Bio:Steven D. Hill thrives in the industry made up of stylists, make-up artists and photographers and he is based right here in Dallas, Texas.His secret weapon is that he excels at all three. He is an artistic photographer who loves natural, glamour, creative make up, product and conceptual photography. A graduate of El Centro Community College he studied Interactive Media Development; Fashion Design & Make Up for the Stage. Steven D. Hill is like an artist with a paintbrush, make-up is his tool of expression, and the face becomes  his canvas with which his many visions come to life. While he can certainly create whatever is necessary, he can also re-imagine the application until he has a unique finished product.
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 Q: What is it that you love about doing make-up and photography?
 It's my art; since I’m not the type of person who loves to draw and express art through that form. I really enjoy creating art and capturing it through the lens of a camera. Using the unique forms of light to create a amazing photograph. Just like a painter it takes tools to produce a great image. It relates to being a photographer; although you need a camera you also need tools in order to produce the image. Photography is what puts a smile on my face and it also helps me make it through my day some time. It's like what more do I need to do if I get bored I decided to capture something. I feel myself expressing something every time I press the shutter. Photography is my way to express my artistic creativity through the power of a digital process.Make Up to me means have fun but yet do it the right way. I admire the fact how you are able to recreate the appearance of someone. How the smallest amount of color can make the pupil appear different. How lining the eye make it's pop. Adding false lashes changes a person 50%. It's just shocks me how people feel once I do my job as a make up artist. It's lovely to hear people say you just made my day; only because you made me feel beautiful. I take part into making people look and feel beautiful when their feelings are different. Its' amazing to make people feel different and being able to make people look like something other their normal self.

Q. What inspires your work?
A. The vivid colors of everyday life, and the "strong and individualistic" photography of David Lachapelle

Q. How and where do you gain inspiration from?
A. Most of my inspiration hardly comes from anything, I can say this I’m very visual
my mind works at a fast pace if ideas come I will go from there.

Q. What are some of your favorite make-up tricks you can share with us?
A . Create your own lip gloss with pigments; or using a pressed shadow. Just mix it with any clear lip gloss.
A. For better mascara coverage, and a actual curling effect, for example use a business card or something small of that sort. Place the card above your top lash line on the lash. Begin sweeping the mascara wand against the card on bottom of the lashes. And you would repeat this step for the bottom lashes but sweep against the card but on the top of lashes. This trick also helps to keep mascara off your eye shadow.  “Hard to explain its better if I was actually showing you”
Q: If you had to pick your favorite photo shoot/make-up work you've done so far what would it be and why?
A.Yes, my favorite it’s really hard to pick but the one that stands out the most? When I decided to transform Kristopher Ransom l into what I call “My Blue Man”. Why, I had the vision one evening, and decided to inform him I need you right now I want to paint you blue. The reason for this image is to show physical and mental power as a person. The electric metallic blue expresses there’s no limit at the same time…demands respect and shows power. The shape of the glasses shows the positive and negative energy we all see. Despite what we see it’s still up to you to be the stronger and positive person.  Smile! “hope that makes sense”  

Friday, July 9, 2010

And I am a Material Girl

As the wise Madonna once said (or sang) we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl, and yes i am such a material girl. Thats why when I heard that Madonna and her stylish young daughter Lola will be debuting a new fashion line exclusively at Macy's, appropriately called Material Girl,and i could not help but be excited! The line was inspired by Lola and her spontaneous fearless way to create her own individual style, just like any young girl out there! Its Hollywood meets department store prices and what can be better than that? The line will have accessories, jewelry, shoes, handbags and of course the famous Madonna lace glove. Material Girl comes out August 3 2010 girls so make sure you sing your material girl all the way on over to Macy's and toss all the must have pieces into your Big Brown Bag to create your own very own Material Girl look!