Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beauty Brag: Your lips are like Butter

Since i have beyond sensitive skin, I've been testing and trying natural products for just about anything,and boy was I glad to have been my own gini pig to Korres Lip Butter. First things first ,I am a chap stick junkie! I'm always moisturizing those lips, so i have been through almost every lip brand! I was a long time user of Burt's Bees chap stick, but since discovering  Korres Lip Butter my lips see nothing else but! It moisturizes and gives a soft natural tint with a lovely subtle shine. And its a two in one as well! It can also be used on your cheeks for a soft natural flush! Great for those summer days! You can find it at my heaven on earth, Make sure you toss this beauty must into your Big Brown Bag! Your lips ,and those who come in contact with them will be more than happy that you did. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Its a Tribal kind of Summer

One of my favorite trends this summer would have to be the tribal inspired fashions. From the accessories, to the jewelry, to the shoes and relaxed dresses tribal is were i want to be this summer. Its perfect for summer because its fun to mix and match and easy to play with. You want to look for bold statement necklaces, layered stacked bracelets, woven and beaded bracelets, brights and neautrals colors, relaxed textures and fit, fun tribal geometric patterns and beaded sandals. This is a must create look for summer! You can find all the jewelry featured here at, the dress at, and the sandals at Go on out there and toss all your tribal findings into your big brown bag and be sure to watch out for those lions while doing so:]