Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ouch...Those Lips Are Hot!

 Kat Von D, a tatted-up beauty well known for her amazing artistry on L.A. ink, is also well known for her hot red lips. She recently debuted her cosmetic line exclusively at Sephora, and her Painted Love lipstick comes in different shades of reds! Red is all over the runways and on celebs, so therefore needs to be all over your lips. Go on ahead over to Sephora and toss this lip paint into your Big Brown Bag.
Hot lips equal a hot kiss....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekly Big brown Bag Item

Don't you just love when people compliment your shoes? When they oooh and ahhh over them for hours, and insist on having the same pair from Neiman's? Then don't you just love knowing that you payed a fraction of what they paid, and were able to buy that appliqu├ęd red tunic you were dying to have with the money that you saved. So to all  my Frugal Fashionista's toss these tough-chained-booties ( a fall/winter must have) into your Big Brown Bag at Since these booties were picking on all the other shoes, they're ONLY available online.