Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School Style List

Okay so we fashionistas know that going back to school isn't about the new books, or hunting for that perfect back pack. Oh-No! Its all about finding that perfect black peep toe pump, or those skinny's that'll make you shout," wear have you been all my life!" Oh yes for the fashionista going back to school is about going back to your runway, aka the hallways, and having all the envious viewers want to know what your wearing. So i prepared a little "Back to School Style List" for ya'll, but beware, combination of these items together may cause one to have many new fans. So number one item on the list is anything zippered! I personally love this adorable dress from topshop.com, it's feminine yet tough, i love the contrast! Next on the list is our number two item, the ballerina skirt. Anything with that tutu material, and full body is a trend to look out for. Item number three is a dire must have! The crop top. Nuff said just get one, or two, or three. Item four, jeggings, they are taking storm! The word is pretty self explanitory, they are leggings that look like jeans, yet are more comfortable and very form fitting! A must have for back to school! Never forget about the head, it too likes to be styled, so item number five is an applique elastic headband, from urbanoutfitters.com. Item six is almost becoming as basic to me as the little back dress, you need your little black biker jacket. Time to show off your summer tans at school ladies, with item number seven, the one shoulder dress. Item eight the lace up flat shoe, perfect with any bottom! Item nine, the mini-skirt, need i say more? Number ten, the boyfriend short. So just run into your boyfriends closet, steal some of his cutest shorts cut them and fold them at the knee. or just go to abercrombie.com. Item eleven, grunge is in! So grab a pair of combat black knee high boots, they'll go just great with your boyfriend shorts! Item twelve, the boyfriend blazer. I think you may be noticing a trend here, dressing like a chic-grungy boy is very in. Number thirteen on the list is also another basic, the slouchy brown heeled cowboy boot! They go with about anything! Item fourteen, my favorite! The fringe dress, now you don't have to get a dress, but anything with fringe on it you must grab! Fringe is in. We all love our little booties, especially when they're suede and studded. Item fifteen, the studded booties. Number sixteen is anything lace!! I personally fell in love with this lace dress from topshop.com, pair with your grunge boots for a fun yet flirty look. Last but oh so not least, is the must have accessory for those hallways, or campuses! The studded waist belt. It spices up any outfit and it'll make you feel like a rockstar. Well I wish you the best of luck in school, may your year be full of great outfits, dazzling accessories, and trendsetting! Be sure to toss all the Style List items into your Big Brown Bag.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weekly Big Brown Bag Item

So as students everywhere are dreading the inevitable time of August known as " going back to school", and waking up at the crack of dawn, or not waking up at all. You the incredible fashionista are ready. This is your time to show off , to strut your stuff down that hallway, across that campus grass, that landscape of learining is your catwalk. Your ready to shake things up, and these beyond chic heeled boots are gonna help you do just that and more. Watch out boys theres a new cowgirl in town, and ooooh her shoes are cute.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trend Alert Tuesday

Time to hit up those sit-ups ladies because cropped is so in! But not for those stomachs
that flop! This is a simply sexy 90's trend that needed to make a comeback and I'm thrilled it did. This top is fun and versatile, it can be dowtown casual-chic, or ill steal your man sexy. Some of my fav cropped little wonders are on this website www.topshop.com, check it out and make sure you toss the crop into your big brown bag! Trust me ladies this is a trend the boys will actually notice, and greatly appreciate.